Speed critiques in the time of COVID

So, yeah. Everything is still weird and on Zoom. But I feel like we’re slowly crawling back to some semblance of normalcy. Vaccines! Hybrid learning!

Very happy to once again participate in the Virginia Festival of the Book this March. Sadly it was never going to be the fun party it usually is (since social distancing is in order these days), so all the authors beamed themselves into our screens.

The Moseley Writers Group also did our speed critique session again this year. Since we were on Zoom, we were able to finally show people the pieces we were critiquing as I read them out loud. We had really wanted to do that in the past, but projecting in one of the rooms at the Omni always seemed to be an issue.

Another positive development: we got lots of submissions from all over since it was virtual. Great to feel like we were reaching writers across the state.

And the last bit of good news: since it was virtual, there’s a recording, so people can enjoy it after the fact!

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