Poison Ivy and other precious plants

I went for a walk on the Saunders Trail in Charlottesville. It’s a beautiful trail that works its way up the mountain to Monticello. Along the way, the trees and plants are loving labeled. You can learn the differences between them, and identify Swamp White Oaks, Dogwoods, and many other beautiful trees.

I’ve discovered that I can’t easily walk past a label on something without reading it. I’m not sure if its the writer in me or the reader, but there you go. One plant, close to the ground, was labeled and I leaned in to read this sign: Poison Ivy, Toxicondendron radicans.

Now, I’m a gentle person. I frequently catch spiders and bugs in my house, releasing them outside where they are free to fly around, etc., to their hears content. But there are some plants/bugs that are clearly human enemies with no redeeming features. Mosquitos. Fleas. Bed bugs. And poison ivy.

Perhaps the sign was a joke. Or perhaps it was helpful information (this is what poison ivy looks like so you can avoid it in the future). But I would be in favor of just destroying the plant altogether making the path safe and rash free for all humans who strolled along it.

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