To writing group or not to writing group

When they start to write seriously, people are often told to join a writing group. So should you? My advice is: it depends.

Writing groups give writers a chance to get feedback, and learn more about how to critique their own work. But it’s hard to find effective groups. I’ve been in both terrible–and wonderful writing groups over the years. One screenwriting group I was in was so traumatizing, it caused me to quit writing for six months. But I never would have gotten published without the amazing mystery writing group I had in Brooklyn years ago.

Writing groups also give people a writing community, and that’s our latest topic on our podcast “The Writer’s Story”. Guest and good friend Deb Prum talks about how to create a great writing group, and how to get the most out of the experience. Her writing group, the Moseleys, has been together for years (and I’m lucky enough to be a member of it).

Check out our podcast interview with Deb (episode 7!) and check out our other episodes as well.

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