Don’t be like the rabbit

I’m trying every day to do more of the things that make me happy and healthy. I exercise. Eat berries. Sleep longer than 7 hours. Eat less junk. Drink lots of water. Lay in a hammock and read. And every day at noon, I take a short walk.

At the University of Virginia, there are many beautiful places to walk. Especially near The Lawn. My favorite activity is finding an open garden near the Rotunda with plenty of flowers and birds, sitting in the shade on a bench and writing in my journal for a little while. My afternoon productivity and creativity is helped immensely by this.

This week, I wasn’t alone in the garden. I heard a rustle and looked up just in time to see a rabbit dashing out of the garden. What was his hurry? Maybe he was afraid of me. Maybe he’d eaten everything he wanted in the garden.

That day I was sitting quietly in nature and listening to everything around me, but too often I am like that rabbit. I’m stressed. Rushing. Scared to linger or take a chance on something new. Feeling like I’m late for something. And when I rush around stressed, I miss the beauty around me. I get less rather than more done. I miss out on the present and on life. So today and everyday I will do my best to try not to be like the rabbit.

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