Teaching this spring

It’s been several years since I taught a writing class, and I’ve missed it. So when Light House Studio asked me to come teach a Saturday screenwriting class for teens, I jumped at the chance. It’ll be fun to talk about films again, and help teenagers write short screenplays that they can make into films.

I’m also scheduled to teach mystery writing in March at WriterHouse. I always enjoy teaching mystery, and reading mysteries–so that will be fun, too.

But I’ll also have to find a way to balance writing with teaching, always something I find challenging, and finish up my two latest manuscripts.

Happy Spring!

One thought on “Teaching this spring

  1. George M. Lies says:

    Meredith Cole
    Festival of Books

    Dear Meredith

    Thanks for being a moderator at two panels I attended and I just want to say you are right on target in moving a discussion with precision, finesse, and a good personable style. I like your subtle humor too.

    Thanks for taking the time to speak with us in the mall area on that windy Friday.

    That was Larry and George from the other side of the mountains in Morgantown. Enjoyed chat.

    I also found your mystery books and am ordering Posed for Murder and the collection. Va is for Mysteries. I’m thinking about reading your Miniatures poetry, too.

    If you’re interested …

    Here’s a link to one of my short stories at Heart Wood Journal, WV Wesleyan MFA program.

    Rafaello’s Night
    Best, George
    Writer, Grant Consultant
    Sister Cities Commission
    Mobile 304-906-8580


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