Be the butterfly

Today a butterfly landed on the window and didn’t leave. Someone told me that they live for only weeks or months, and have to shove a lifetime of experiences into that short window. So why would they choose to hang out on my window and do nothing for several hours? I can’t imagine a mosquito just doing nothing during its short lifespan. So why the butterfly?

I watched it for a while, wondering if clinging to a window two stories up was such a great spot for a butterfly. What if a bird flew past, opened it’s mouth and scooped up the butterfly? That would be the end of everything.

But the butterfly seemed unconcerned. I was the one full of angst and expectation. I wanted it to fly and live and experience everything in its short life. It just wanted to hang out and be. Maybe it was planning its next move. I realized I had a lot to learn from the butterfly.

Some days you just need to hang upside down and have all the blood rush to your head. Not every writing day can be 1,000+ words of amazingness. Not every workout rocks. And many days I don’t get to the end of my to do list. Some days I need to recharge and relax — not rush for the sake of rushing. Some days I need to just be the butterfly.

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