It’s our favorite stressed out time of the year…

No matter what I do, I know for certain I could always do more at Christmas. Buy more presents. Back more cookies. See more family. Write more cards. Give more to charity. Be more organized. But then I also know I would be more stressed out.

I’ve done some (but not all) of the usual things this holiday season, but I’ve also got some exercising and writing goals to tackle. Finishing rewrites on a book I hope to release to the wilds in January. Work on a rough draft of a new novel. And run an ever increasing number of miles every week as I prepare for a 10-mile race in March.

The running has helped get me outdoors in the winter time, and it’s helped me to also forgive myself when I’ve come up short in my quest for Christmas perfection (and the daily word count). I feel stronger and more in shape, and I want to eat well so I feel good when I work out. A real win-win.

But all in all I strive to be like this woman who chose (instead of battling the traffic at the mall) to sit down on a rock in the middle of a river and meditate. She’s my true holiday serenity hero.

Happy Winter Solstice and happy holidays!

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