The ink blot test

As a writer, I’m always looking at everything and asking myself, “why?” And then I often come up with an explanation (or two) about it. I don’t know if they’re right or not–I just like to think it through and guess.

We have a graffiti wall in our town that people can spray paint whenever they get the urge. The cops won’t hassle them. And art work there is sometimes up for weeks or months, and sometimes only for days. But today the art on the wall stopped me and made me ask, “why?”

Instead of something being written out in bubble letters, or a large mural, it looks unfinished. Like an ink blot test. Was it on purpose? Is it modern art? Were they testing colors?

Or, sadly, did someone paint their masterpiece and then have it washed away by the rain? It’s like hearing that someone’s computer crashed after writing for several hours. What a waste! All that creativity gone… I hope, instead, for their sake that there is another explanation.


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