Join me for a Mystery Writing Workshop in Kathmandu

Ever felt that your writing needed a changed of scene, as well as a critique by experienced mystery writers?

September 18-28, SJ Rozan and I will be leading a mystery writing workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop is for anyone interested in taking a first step into mystery writing, or for those who already have a work-in-progress.

“High Crimes: Mystery Writing in Nepal”

All mystery whether it be short story, novel, or screenplay, demands attention to all the elements of fiction: plot, pace, point of view, character, setting, dialogue. It also requires the understanding that in a mystery something lies behind the actions of the characters, something not fully understood until the mystery is unraveled.

What better place to work on any and all these elements of your work-in-progress, or even take your first step into mystery writing, than the Himalayas?

Let the unexpected nature of life in Kathmandu kickstart your writerly creativity into high gear.  Craft talks, writing exercises, and workshopping your pages will fill your days at this retreat (but with plenty of time for yoga, meditation, and exploring!) and you’ll return home accomplished, refreshed, and inspired.


Find out more on the Himalayan Writers Workshop website.

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