Holidays: Relax or work?

481621_10151190347214163_474017566_nEvery year I look ahead to several weeks off around the holidays. That is, if you could call baking a zillion cookies, buying presents for a large family, decorating the house, throwing several parties and writing lots of holiday cards “time off.” I enjoy doing all those things, but I also always count on getting some writing done, too.

I can picture it so well in my mind. Curling up with a laptop in front of a fire, looking dreamily out at snow falling softly down outside. A stew is bubbling on the stove and I have nothing to do but finally fix my last chapter and make a really satisfactory conclusion… Of course, I live in the south where our chance of a white Christmas is roughly one in a billion. And as far as I know, Santa isn’t bringing me a fireplace this year for Christmas. And the laundry is piling up…

If I were to be realistic, I would have to admit that the holidays are both a good time to relax (sleep in a little, wear PJ’s until 11), see family and friends, and getting writing done is always a challenge. There are way too many distractions. And lots of family piled into a house on a cold winter day is not conducive to deep thinking and alone time.

Happily, I’m also looking ahead to a mid-January start date for my writing group, and I know that I need to have the first 25 pages of my novel ready to go for them. So, if the spirit doesn’t move me this holiday season, the deadline surely will!

Have a wonderful holiday!


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